Monday, 13 July 2009


Dated input of student involvement
Timely feedback from teacher and peers
Parents ability to be involved through reading students blogs

Younger classes inability to use the english language to their best intent.
Some parents may not allow their children access to computers because of religious beliefs, thus not adhering to an inclusive classroom.

Younger classes, teacher can use Blog as would for class Science journals, Teacher can use think aloud strategies to assist younger students in displaying their words. can use student pictures and photos and videos of students work in blogs.
Could incorporate student input from other schools in other regions thus creating a more wordly view on the content being learnt.

Need clear class and school no bullying policy with consequences if bullying occurs.

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  1. Hey Jodi! I think you made a good point about the inclusivity of younger children when it comes to blogging. I think there could be ways around this for teachers who have students in the early years such as incorporating aspects such as blogs to use in class times where everyone has supervised access or doing whole class activities using a blog rather than setting the children individual tasks to complete at home. This would introduce them to ICTS at a young age.